The designers' group “Karen Naghsh Hoonam” is a young and dynamic complex that has been active in the exhibition industry by utilizing the extensive experience and records obtained during the last decade. The main focus and main policy of this company have been interior designing since its establishment. However, other activities of this group include consultation, designing, and providing services in the same field in order to save customers’ time and expenses.

By combing artificial materials and natural wood, we were able to create a different and creative environment that will satisfy our customers, and this way, we created harmony and beauty in their place. This crucial difference guarantees our success and satisfaction of those who trust in the designers' group “Karen Naghsh”. By putting our trust in human resources, we have gathered creativity and expertise in one place to create the best and by combining knowledge and beauty, we provided an operational solution for a spectacular environment considering the customers’ taste.

We believe that customer is the key to our development and growth. We also consider customers’ value as our own and we always try to be honest. To realize this goal, the designers' group “Karen Naghsh Hoonam” provides services in three fields: architecture, graphics, and photography.


  The most important objectives of the designers' group “Karen Naghsh Hoonam”, designed according to the superior/high  beliefs of the organization, are as follows: k

To improve and develop contractual business setting
To attract and improve the satisfaction of customers and beneficiaries
 To improve and increase efficiency and performance
To improve and develop business settings and investment in the private sector


Honesty & integrity
Trust & belief
Commitment & accountability
Discipline & Manners
Seriousness & Persistence
Focusing on knowledge and awareness
Being system-oriented and planner
Focusing on efficiency and meritocracy
Focusing on customers and quality improvement
Focusing on participation and team-work

  Policy & Strategy

As a service provider company, the designers' group “Karen Naghsh Hoonam” implements and provides exhibition services, including the design and making of exhibition stands, and all the necessities and requirements of management systems and general health and safety standards for employers and contractors are met. The policy of the company is explained as follows: k

To create and improve business
To increase the equipment resources, specialized knowledge, and promote engineering technologies according to the state-of-art technology
To continuously improve the quality of services and products that are offered to the customers and beneficiaries

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